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After an initial (no-cost) consultation, I put together a bid and email it to the client.  My main consideration when determining the price is  "How long will it take me to complete?"  Whether a finely-detailed, realistic mural or a textured faux finish, that is my chief question.  An intricate realistic mural takes longer than a flat graphic (sometimes cartoon like) mural, so I bid that higher.  A wall treatment that requires two layers (washes, rag-roll, etc.) takes less time than a finish that requires three.   

Wall Treatments

An average living room, (around 360-600 square feet of wall surface), will take an average of 3 to 6 days to complete.  After initial consult, I make samples (if necessary) then write and mail bid.  On day one of the job, I prep the room:  tape around woodwork (and ceiling if necessary) and lay tarp and plastic sheeting over furniture. Purchase paint and other supplies, begin application.

A simpler project in a room this size will cost approximately $700, including paint costs  (and take 3or 4 days). A more intricate finish (textures, metallic, suede)  will cost (ball-park) $1100 (and take 4-5 days).  Other factors that affect costs are ceiling height, stairwells, and specialty paints.  The costs will be delineated in the bid, as well as the time expected to complete the project.

Murals, Kid's Room 

During the initial meeting with a client (no-cost) we discuss ideas, the theme for the artwork.  I take into consideration the colors already in the room (carpet, bedding, window treatments).   I will plan and design how the mural can look, and show you sketches of ideas.  I work up and email the bid.  A project taking 3-4 days will be around $650-$800.  Many murals fall in this range.  Larger, more intricate murals can take longer (5-8 days) and cost approximately $1200-$1600.