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I have been drawing and painting my whole life, and have been painting professionally for over twenty years.   I started by painting for the kid's of my friends and family.  After learning more styles and methods, as well as becoming a better painter (regular painting and art painting), I began to make it my career.

After finishing college (University of Minnesota and Minneapolis College of Art & Design),  I expanded my artistic training to include faux-finishes as well as mural work.  Up to that point, I had only painted in kid's rooms.

My painting business really took off when I began showing my work in a few Parade of Homes houses (see "artwork in the home" section in the Gallery).  I particularly enjoy faux-painting, (or "wall treatments").  They add dramatic texture and warmth to the home, at an affordable price.  I also began to incorporate decorative painting (ie. vines, flowers, trees) into the wall finishes.  

My wall treatments have been in several homes in the Parade of Homes, as well as many private homes. I have a few public murals and decorative artwork at commercial properties, including the Holy Land Deli, Chang Bang, and the plaza at Midtown Global Market (in Minneapolis).  And, of course, there are many cute animals, playful designs  (and more!)  in a lot of children's rooms around the Minneapolis (and surrounding suburbs) area.